About Us

Real Estate Agency "Kamar-Immobilien" is an energetically and dynamically developing company. In less than two last years as we are operating in the market, we had collected over 100 sales offers and the same number of real estates for rent in Poland and in Germany – particularly in Goerlitz. As licensed REAL ESTATE AGENCY we offer you our experience, knowledge and professional and kind service.

Our services for you:

  • effective sale/rental of apartments, houses, premises, halls, boarding houses, commercial objects and building plots and also other real estates in Poland and abroad;
  • carrying out effective negotiations between parties involved in real estate purchase or rental
  • searching real estate offers requested by customer

Real estates in Germany

Thanks to open market, we can purchase a real estate in Germany. As we are located near the eastern border with Germany, we have a lot of offers from this area, particularly from Goerlitz- a town which directly borders with Zgorzelec. It’s worth mentioning that Goerlitz and Zgorzelec create a picturesque Europe-Town as these two towns enjoy good relations and closely cooperate with each other. Goerlitz is an amazingly beautiful town, a place of the oldest monuments in Europe; due to the fact that is was almost entirely restored, it attracts people from all over the world. Prices in Eastern Germany are incomparably lower compared to those in Poland and that is why an increasing number of people decided to buy an apartment/ a house abroad.

Why is it worth buying a real estate in Goerlitz?

  • better infrastructure
  • building modernization
  • low prices
  • people who immigrated to the western part of Germany are coming back
  • higher reimbursement of costs in the event one rents a premises- better profitability than in Poland

If you are afraid of purchase procedure – from now on you don’t have to be ! We deal with all formalities, all legal representation, we pay for translation services for those Customers who do not speak German! We will guide you step by step.

We invite you to check our offers!